Located inside The Works at 1235 Chattahoochee Ave. Atlanta,Ga 30318 Preorders will be available again after Thanksgiving


We all have questions, hopefully this page will provide you with some answers

-What are your most popular cookies?

  Well I'd be bias to say all of our cookies are amazing! **which they are** But if you're torn on which to choose...

1. S'mores: everyone loves a good ooeey gooey toasted marshmallow. This cookie is top dog! Almost every order we fulfill has a S'mores cookie in it.

3. PB&J: The life changing cookie! It may not make you rich or solve all your problems but it'll definitely make you happy when you eat it. It is unexpectedly light and not overwhelming. Definitely my favorite cookie!

-What happened to some of the flavors you used to offer

I decided to place some of my flavors as limited time offerings. This will help minimize waste. Like the saying, absence makes the heart grow fonder. Trust me those flavors will make a debut again

-Can I get my cookies delivered warm

Warm cookies are AWESOME! I am happy to deliver your cookies warm. However, please note if your order has a flavor that has frosting, glaze, or icing on top I will not be able to deliver these warm as they will melt. 

 -Do you deliver to me?

I'd love to deliver all over GA and nationwide, but we just aren't there yet. Until then, for local deliveries go through our online ordering page and enter your address. The system will let you know if you are within our delivery radius.

-I am not within your delivery radius, now what?

I have had customers who just have to have our cookies and no boundary is going to stop them! If that is you, I'm flattered. I am happy to meet with you somewhere within our delivery radius. Just use that address for delivery and please be there at time of delivery.

-Do you have a order minimum?

Yes, currently our order minimum is $30.

-Why can't I order the regular Big cookies anymore?

Due to the shortage in available flour, Mini cookies allows me the opportunity to have less waste and fulfill more orders faster.  

-When can I pick up?

 We are working on it. Stay tuned! Until then, we only offer delivery.

-Do you have a retail location? 

Not yet, but we hope that changes in the near future.

-How do I order cookies?

 All cookie orders are processed through our online ordering platform.

-I'm allergic to nuts, are your cookies safe for me to eat?

 The only cookie that has any type of nuts in it is our PB&J cookie which contains peanut butter. However, we are not a nut free kitchen

-Do you do same day orders ?

Not at this time

-I ordered my cookies online, when will they arrive?

I feel you! You wanted that cookie like yesterday. Currently we are only offering deliveries on Wednesday and Fridays. Check our instagram for most up to date information regarding any changes. 

-Can I get an exact time of delivery?

I would love to give out an exact time for delivery but it's often very hard to do that. There are many factors that affect this. Some being traffic, natural delays, or customer delays. If you have a time constraint please do not hesitate to reach out to me. I will work with you the best way that I can to accommodate to a time that works. 

-Can I get a re-delivery?

Please, if you find that the time frame you choose no longer works for you please reach out to me ASAP. Re-deliveries are difficult to do and costs not only money but time. If I have another delivery in your area I may be able to re-deliver but it's not a guarantee. Please order accordingly. 

-I called and no one picked up?

 It is extremely hard for me to pick up phone calls. I am almost always either baking or driving following the GPS. I will respond faster to text messages (not while I'm driving duh). But, I really do try to respond fast so I don't keep you waiting in agony.

-Can I order ahead of time for an event; how many days notice is needed?

 Absolutely! 24 hour notice is plenty enough. If you'd like to schedule further in advance, I won't stop you. Just shoot us an email. 

-Do you cater Birthday Parties, Corporate Events, Large Gatherings?

Heck yeah! Our cookies are a guaranteed crowd pleaser. Your co-workers, friends, family, and the occasional stranger who crashes the party will LOVE you forever for buying such deliciousness.

-I've had your cookies and they are amazing, how can I help?

 Well we are so glad you asked! I'm over the moon happy that you LOVE our cookies. Now spread the word! Tag us on your social media, tell your friends about our awesomeness, review us on every platform out there, Yelp, Google, FB and whatever else exists. We promise we'll Love you forever for sharing us with your peeps.

-What happened to the GF cookies?

Simply put, the demand was not high enough to sustain this menu option. Perhaps as we grow we will bring them back

-You didn't answer my question?

 Dang, I thought I had all the bases covered! Feel free to shoot me a text message with your question.